Remain in regulatory compliance by tracking and understanding the status of all licenses and certifications

With OneComply’s centralized system, you can:
  • Directly integrate with regulatory databases and HR systems

  • Track all employee licensing and certifications

  • Take advantage of automated reporting

  • Use audit reporting for regulatory compliance reviews

  • Track communication between all relevant parties

How It Benefits Your Business

Audit reporting

Audit reporting for regulatory compliance reviews.

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Email notifications

Set up automatic notifications for department heads and schedulers to ensure non-compliant employees are not scheduled..

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Communication tracking

Track communications between HR, compliance, department heads, and employees.

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Employee document storage

Establish employee profiles to quickly and securely store important regulatory required documents.

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Employee tracking

Track all employee licensing and certifications, including:
  • Gaming licenses

  • Certifications such as health cards and alcohol service

  • Onboarding, training, and renewals

  • Anti-money laundering, responsible gaming

Automated reporting

No more calendar reminders or excel spreadsheets!
  • Automatically notify department heads and schedulers via a OneComply email to ensure necessary steps are taken for renewals, training, as well as ensuring that all documentation is up to date

  • Track communications between HR, compliance team members, and employees

Let Us Show You What This Tool Can Do!

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