Create multiple license applications in the time it takes to complete one

Using a single source of data with OneComply, you can:
  • Onboard your information once

  • Manage and scale your business

  • Reduce repetitive legal and labor costs

  • Store confidential information in one secure location

  • Apply to any jurisdiction across the USA and Canada

How It Benefits Your Business


With centralized data you can instantly create regulatory applications. This enables efficiency, and drastically reduces the time it takes to scale into new markets.

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Not all state applications are the same but the information required to complete them is. Using one profile to create multiple applications reduces errors and increases application.

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OneComply utilizes advanced security for handling encryption/decryption using the AWS AES 256 algorithm while employing IP whitelisting and 2-factor authentication.

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Centralize. Organize. Automate.

Reduce legal and labor costs by centralizing your information so that you can manage and scale your business.

Data collection & management

Efficiently store all confidential corporate and employee information in one secure location.

Application creation

Onboard your information once and instantly assemble signature-ready licensing applications for business and key employees across multiple jurisdictions.

Notifications & reporting

Remain application ready with automated
notifications and reporting.

How It Works

 Complete OneComply profile

Complete OneComply profile

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Choose your application

Choose your application

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Print & sign instantly

Print & sign instantly

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Simplified On-Boarding Process

OneComply reduces gaming disclosure filing redundancies by an astounding 97% with one simple on-boarding process.

Centralize your personal & corporate data for automated application creation & management

  • Business disclosures

  • Key personnel applications

  • Applicable to any jurisdiction

  • Automatically filter data by regulators request

  • Collaborators access tools

Application process management

  • Instantly create any application

  • View and access all required attachments

  • Automatically create extra pages as necessary

What Our Clients Say About OneComply

Sandi Wheeler

Sandi Wheeler

Executive Gaming Manager Paragon

The process for gathering the necessary information to complete the regulatory investigation process is a drain on office staff and executive personnel. The market is in need of a solution like OneComply.

Gabrielle Angle

Gabrielle Angle

Manager, Compliance & Legal Affairs GeoComply

OneComply helps me and my licensing team save so much time and energy completing numerous forms! Plus, their customer service is first class - they truly value and work with their customers to create the best user experience.

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