Active Profile Monitoring – Keeping You Compliant!

OneComply has introduced an innovative and important new feature, Active Profile Monitoring, that provides alerts when changes to either a company’s business disclosure or their key persons’ disclosure requires the submission of a material change report to the licensed jurisdictions. 

Active Profile Monitoring is like having an extra set of expert eyes in your licensing and compliance department, watching for any changes in your business or personal disclosure that requires further action in order to stay compliant.

If OneComply detects a material change that could apply to your current active licenses within various jurisdictions, you will be prompted to create a compliance task as a follow up. Within these prompts, any suggested lead times that OneComply has available within the jurisdictions these active licenses apply will also be displayed.

These compliance tasks can then be used to track the ongoing material changes that have occurred within your business or personal profile over time within License Control. This can also help with creating a more standardized workflow for the reporting and management of actively submitted compliance information.

If Active Profile Monitoring is enabled for your business or personal profile, this will be indicated with a green icon in the top menu bar.

The list below are examples of areas that are currently monitored for material changes:

Business Disclosure

  • Changes to business names, aliases or DBA
  • Changes to addresses
  • Changes to owners
  • Changes to substantial ownership
  • Changes to related business entities
  • Changes to new or active licenses
  • Changes to litigation
  • Changes to antitrust and judgements
  • Changes to liens
  • Changes to fines
  • Changes to bankruptcy
  • Changes to tax Audits
  • Changes to loans and debts

Personal Disclosure

  • Changes to name
  • Changes to addresses
  • Changes to marital status
  • Changes to criminal history
  • Changes to gaming exclusions
  • Changes to bankruptcies
  • Changes to lawsuits and arbitration
  • Changes to testimonials
  • Changes to indictments
  • Changes to taxes non-filings
  • Changes to new or active licenses