Case Study – OPTX Leverages OneComply to Improve Gaming License Application Processes

In this case study, OPTX co-CEO Tom Rafferty, details how OneComply is being used at OPTX to tackle their complex and time-consuming license application processes and get to market faster. In fact, OPTX has been able to successfully process over 174 applications in a time period once thought impossible.

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Case Study: OPTX Leverages OneComply to Improve Gaming License Application Processes

Tom Rafferty, co-CEO, OPTX

About OPTX:

OPTX is a leading casino intelligence company focused on delivering innovative solutions to the gaming and hospitality industry. Leveraging advanced technology, analytics, artificial intelligence and data visualizations, OPTX aims to transform the way casinos and other gaming establishments make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations, drive revenue, and enhance the guest experience.

The OPTX platform collects and analyzes data from various sources such as gaming machines, player activity, and property-wide systems, providing real-time insights, recommendations and actionable intelligence for casino operators. The intuitive and user- friendly interface allows for easy access to critical data points, helping operators quickly identify trends, make informed decisions, and improve overall performance.

What problems or issues in gaming licensing was OPTX dealing with and wanted to address?

As the co-CEO of OPTX, I have identified four key licensing challenges that impact our ability to expand and deliver our innovative solutions to casinos and other gaming establishments:

1. Licensing Timeliness and Visibility: To be a viable vendor for casinos, our company needs to obtain licenses quickly. However, the licensing process is often dependent on imminent deals or offers limited visibility into upcoming opportunities in new jurisdictions. This makes it challenging for us to prepare and plan accordingly for our growth strategy.

2. Licensing Speed and Implementation: Rapid licensing is essential for the timely implementation of our products and services, which in turn accelerates our revenue generation. Unfortunately, without efficient tools like OneComply, the licensing process can take months to complete, delaying our product implementation and subsequent revenue collection.

3. Repetitive Manual Data Entry: Our team spends a significant amount of time manually inputting the same information repeatedly for various gaming regulatory agencies. This not only decreases the efficiency of our licensing process but also diverts our employees’ valuable time and resources from more productive tasks.

4. Restrictive Application Processes: The applications provided by gaming regulatory agencies often impose restrictions on the types of information that can be uploaded or attached. As a result, our team has to invest substantial effort in manually formatting and creating separate attachments to meet these requirements, which further delays the licensing process.

In conclusion, OPTX faces numerous challenges with licensing and registration in the gaming industry, primarily due to the complex and time-consuming licensing processes. To overcome these obstacles, we have partnered with OneComply to improve our application processes, leveraging their technology to automatically generate our licensing applications.

How did you learn about OneComply?

As the co-CEO, my awareness of the challenges associated with the licensing process in the gaming industry was heightened during my previous roles as the Deputy General Counsel of Light and Wonder (formerly Scientific Games) and General Counsel of Interblock Gaming. In both positions, I recognized the need for a product that could expedite the licensing process for our company.

However, it was not until I took on the role of co-CEO at OPTX thatI discovered OneComply. 

After learning about their expertise and dedication to creating best-in-class solutions for application automation, I realized that their product would be an ideal fit for addressing the licensing challenges we faced. My past experiences with the difficulties of the licensing process made it easy for me to recognize the value that OneComply would bring to our company, and I was confident in choosing them as our go-to solution for streamlining licensing processes at OPTX.

What features/functionality attracted you to OneComply?

When evaluating OneComply as a solution for our licensing challenges, there were several features and functionalities that attracted us to the platform. These key aspects include:

1. Data Security: OneComply offers robust data security measures, which are essential for safeguarding sensitive information throughout the licensing process. This feature ensures that our company’s confidential data is well-protected from potential security threats.

2. Individual User Access: The platform allows for individual user access, enabling our team members to work on their respective tasks efficiently and collaboratively. This feature helps streamline our workflow and ensures better accountability within the team.

3. Quality of Automation: OneComply’s high-quality automation capabilities greatly reduce manual data entry and repetitive tasks, which in turn saves time and increases overall efficiency. By automating these processes, our team can focus on more strategic and productive activities.

4. Cost: OneComply offers a cost- effective solution that helps minimize the financial impact of the licensing process. By leveraging their platform, we can reduce the overall expenses associated with obtaining licenses and improve our return on investment.

5. License and Application Tracking: OneComply’s platform includes comprehensive license and application tracking features, which enable us to monitor the progress and status of our applications in real-time. This helps us stay informed and up- to-date on our licensing efforts, ensuring that we can proactively address any potential issues or delays.

These features and functionalities, combined with OneComply’s reputation for delivering best-in-class application automation, made it an attractive choice for addressing our company’s licensing challenges.

How is OneComply being used at OPTX?

At OPTX, OneComply plays a crucial role in the management of our gaming licenses. We utilize the platform to process and track all gaming licenses required for our operations. By leveraging OneComply’s advanced automation capabilities and comprehensive tracking features, we can efficiently navigate the complex licensing process while keeping a close eye on the status of our current licenses. 

Thanks to OneComply, OPTX has been able to successfully process over 174 applications. 

OneComply streamlines our workflow, reduces manual data entry, and enables our team to focus on more strategic tasks. Additionally, the platform provides insights into the status of our current licenses, helping us stay informed and proactively address any potential issues or delays. Overall, OneComply has become an indispensable tool for our company’s licensing efforts, ensuring a more efficient and transparent process.

What benefits have you gained since using OneComply?

As a result of using OneComply, we have experienced several significant benefits that have positively impacted our operations and overall efficiency:

1. Faster Licensing: One of the most crucial benefits we’ve gained from using OneComply is the ability to get through the licensing process faster. This accelerated process has been instrumental in helping us secure deals and access revenue- generating opportunities more quickly. The faster we can obtain licenses, the sooner we can implement our products and services, ultimately leading to a more competitive position in the market. As a result of OneComply, OPTX has been able to successfully process over 174 applications in a time period once thought impossible.

2. Time Savings: OneComply’s automation capabilities have reduced the time spent on manual data entry and repetitive tasks, allowing our team to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

3. Improved Efficiency: The platform’s streamlined workflow and individual user access have led to better collaboration and accountability within our team, resulting in improved overall efficiency throughout the licensing process.

4. Enhanced Data Security: OneComply’s robust data security measures ensure that our sensitive and confidential information is well- protected, giving us peace of mind and reducing the risk of potential security threats.

5. Cost Savings: By leveraging OneComply’s cost-effective solution, we have been able to minimize the financial impact of the licensing process, resulting in overall cost savings for our company.

6. Tracking and Monitoring: OneComply’s comprehensive license and application tracking features provide us with updates on the status of our current licenses, enabling us

to proactively address any potential issues or delays and ensuring we remain informed at all times.

By helping us get through the licensing process more rapidly, OneComply has become an invaluable tool in our licensing and compliance efforts, allowing us to capitalize on opportunities and drive growth more effectively in
 the competitive gaming industry landscape.

Please describe your experience working with OneComply on initial deployment and ongoing implementation and use of the product.

Our experience working with OneComply on both the initial deployment and ongoing implementation and use of the product has been nothing short of exceptional. Here’s a brief overview of our experience:

1. Simple Initial Deployment: The deployment process of OneComply was remarkably straightforward. Once we entered the initial information into the system, we were quickly able to get started and take advantage of the platform’s features. This hassle-free setup enabled us to focus on our core business activities without getting bogged down in a complex deployment process.

2. Ease of Use: OneComply’s product is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for our team members to navigate and utilize the platform effectively. The intuitive interface and clear design contribute to a seamless user experience, which has been a key factor in the successful adoption of the platform within our organization.

3. Responsiveness and Flexibility: OneComply has been extremely responsive to our requests for new features and new jurisdictions. Their commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction has been evident throughout our collaboration. They have been proactive in addressing our needs, helping to ensure that the platform remains up-to-date and relevant to our evolving requirements.

Overall, our experience with OneComply has been very positive, and we appreciate the simplicity, ease of use, and responsiveness they bring to the table. Their dedication to providing a best-in-class product and outstanding customer service has made our collaboration with them a truly rewarding experience.

Is there anything else you would like to say about OneComply?

In conclusion, OPTX’s use of OneComply has significantly improved our licensing process, enabling us to navigate the complex gaming industry landscape more effectively.

The platform’s simplicity, ease of use, and responsiveness have made it an invaluable tool for our organization, helping us save time, reduce costs, and accelerate our product implementation and revenue generation. OneComply’s dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to continuous improvement have greatly contributed to our positive experience with their platform, solidifying our confidence in their solution as a vital component of our ongoing success.

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