From customer to teammates: how GeoComply used, then acquired, OneComply to strengthen compliance efforts together

As a fraud prevention and cybersecurity solutions provider with award-winning products developed for the highly regulated and complex US online gaming and sports betting market, it is critical that GeoComply is on top of license and compliance needs. 

Recognized as a Fast 50 company two years in a row, GeoComply is no stranger to the criticalness of efficient license management for business operations. Having been involved with the lawful launch of new state markets since before the repeal of PASPA, clients of GeoComply rely on them to be able to operate so that they can operate, too.

Licensing challenges

After the fall of PASPA in 2018, the GeoComply licensing team knew that their licensing approach needed to be optimized to the rapid rollout of US states. After learning about OneComply, it was clear they found the solution to turn their no longer sustainable process into something scalable. 

Having operated on a predominantly manual basis meant the GeoComply team had to be highly meticulous about data entry, timelines, and the different needs of individual jurisdictions to ensure it remained compliant with an ever-growing volume of regulatory licensing requirements. Anything less than perfection was not an option.

An all-in-one solution

The licensing team at GeoComply, led by Kate Blomfeldt, began using OneComply in 2020. After its first meeting, when the team saw how easy it was to track and store information, it was clear that OneComply offered incredible value. It was a no-brainer to begin using the platform.

“OneComply has really helped simplify the licensing process. It’s unfathomable to think that people are still using spreadsheets to manage all aspects of their licensing needs.”

– Kate Blomfeldt, GeoComply Licensing Manager

OneComply is now used as a task manager where team members can be assigned applications to complete or review, a secure submissions portal which helps give the team confidence that personal information is adequately protected (unlike with mailed-in, password-protected USBs), and so much more. Kate’s team has completely migrated its task calendar away from an email-based calendar system and into the OneComply platform. Aside from quarterly statements, the team now only has to enter information once, no matter how many licensing applications it needs to submit. All-in-all, OneComply has offered a foolproof way of staying on track and creating peace of mind for both the licensing team and the greater company. 

What previously took weeks now only takes hours – including the onboarding of C-suite executives. For example, the team of three was recently able to submit nine licenses in just 48 hours.

“OneComply removes the need to have more team members than you would normally need because the ability to generate these applications really takes away a lot of the leg work.”

– Kate Blomfeldt, GeoComply Licensing Manager

As early adopters of the platform, the GeoComply team worked closely with the OneComply team to help them iterate on the product side. During discussions with the Customer Service team, GeoComply provided product ideas they later saw available within the platform, making their life much more straightforward.

“Customer service from OneComply has been top-notch. They’re on the ball and really care about solving your problems. We’ve even made product suggestions that they’ve taken, run with, and added to the product.”

– Kate Blomfeldt, GeoComply Licensing Manager

Operational results after adopting OneComply

After using the platform in-house and working closely with the OneComply team, GeoComply showed just how much they loved the company, its product and its service.

In May 2023, GeoComply acquired OneComply. 

After seeing how the team has utilized the OneComply platform for over three years to submit licenses more efficiently and securely, save hundreds of hours of work, avoid fines, and prevent license submission and renewal times from lapsing, it was clear that this product had power. OneComply carried the potential to fuel the company towards growth and to work symbiotically with existing GeoComply products to take compliance to an entirely new level. 

“First and foremost, we are clients of OneComply, and we think they are brilliant,” says David Briggs, co-founder of GeoComply. “It proved it can walk; now we want to help them run.”

With compliance being crucial for regulated industries, the foundation of an operator or vendor’s reputation lies in its ability to meet standards efficiently and effectively. Now with the addition of OneComply, GeoComply can offer solutions that aid compliance efforts before and during operations in each jurisdictional market. 

As Anna Sainsbury, CEO of GeoComply puts it, “Adding OneComply’s licensing platform and expertise to our portfolio of solutions will materially and cost-effectively help our existing and new customers in the gaming and other regulated industries achieve and maintain a new gold standard in compliance and risk services.”