Helping Marketing Affiliates Navigate the US Gaming Licensing and Compliance Process

Affiliate marketing is playing an increasingly important role in the US iGaming market as the industry continues to grow with more states legalizing online casino, poker and sports betting. Operators in all these segments are competing hard to attract and onboard new players and are recognizing affiliates as providing an extremely useful and cost-effective way to accomplish their goals.

So, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a lot of interest and enquiries from affiliate marketing organizations from all over the world, as they try to understand and navigate the complex regulatory, licensing and compliance requirements of the US market.

But for many affiliate companies who are taking their first look at the US market, the process of licensing in just one jurisdiction can seem so daunting that it makes them reconsider their plans,  even more so when they look at licensing across multiple jurisdictions. 

The good news for affiliates – licensing doesn’t have to be difficult!

OneComply has been working with affiliate marketing companies from around the world, helping them to streamline their licensing applications and submission process, in order to facilitate their successful entry into the US market. 

And depending on how the affiliate is planning to enter the market, the types of gaming they are marketing and the business model they are pursuing, the licensing requirements can range from extremely easy to quite complex. For example, affiliates pursuing a cost-per action (CPA) model for sports betting will have much less of a licensing burden than those looking at a revenue sharing model, since the stakes are much higher. Depending on the specific state, affiliates pursuing a revenue sharing model may be required to undertake the same level of licensing and corporate entity/key person disclosure as an actual operator. 

OneComply – A central portal to streamline, organize and automate affiliate licensing

The good news is that OneComply is able to help affiliates by providing a centralized portal that enables them (and any other company in the gaming ecosystem) to streamline, organize and automate their licensing process. In fact, our intelligent compliance and licensing management solution enables affiliates to submit license applications to multiple jurisdictions in almost the same amount of time it takes to submit to one! So regardless of how you plan on entering the US market, OneComply will improve the entire licensing and compliance process, making it much simpler overall and shortening your time to market.

There’s more to licensing than just filling out forms! 

Licensing in the US is more than filling out forms and submitting an application. There are a number of other considerations that affiliates need to keep in mind such as specific legal requirements for particular states, decisions on corporate structure and the resulting tax consequences – considerations that go far beyond just completing the application.

To help affiliates navigate the waters of US regulatory and licensing, and to make the best decisions regarding their company’s entry into the market, we’ve partnered with a leading US gaming industry consulting firm, Odds on Compliance. 

Odds on Compliance provides turn-key market entry services that assist affiliates in navigating the complex corporate, tax, and regulatory hurdles. Through our partnership, Odds on Compliance utilizes OneComply’s licensing solutions to provide increased efficiency in order for affiliates to easily scale their business across multiple jurisdictions. Their extensive experience and expertise, combined with our industry-leading licensing automation tools give affiliates the advantage they need to make their entry into the US market a success!

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