Managing files in OneComply is now easier than ever!

Good news – managing all the files required for licensing and compliance has just been made easier with the enhancements we’ve made to the OneComply Document repository!

These enhancements are designed to provide our clients with additional capabilities and flexibility to centrally store, organize and manage all documents related to key persons, employees, business entities and products.

To make it easy, all documents uploaded to OneComply during the disclosure process, either via the License Control or License Management modules, are automatically stored in the Document Repository. This enables users to easily view, organize and manage all documents in one central location. 

New folders can be created within the default folders of the Document Repository, in order for the files to be organized according to a person’s or company’s preferred structure. Files can also be easily downloaded directly from the Document Repository. As well, multiple documents can be merged into a single pdf file, to make it easier to print, download or attach to an email.