OmniFill – OneComply’s Secret Weapon for Fast Regulatory Application Creation

One of the great features of OneComply is the ability for our clients to use the information they have entered in their personal or business entity data repository to automatically and quickly generate a wide range of regulatory licensing applications, for different jurisdictions or renewals.

As you can imagine, the ability to reuse data entered in OneComply’s repository saves our clients a huge amount of time, from generating that first application, to all the subsequent applications that are required in the future.

But we’re often asked: how do we do it? The answer is via our innovative OmniFill technology.

OmniFill – making agnostic information specific

OmniFill is our proprietary technology that intelligently transfers information from the OneComply data repository and automatically inserts it into the appropriate place in the specific application that is being created. 

In the most simple terms, OmniFill lets you take information that’s agnostic and make it specific. 

On the surface, it seems like a pretty straightforward technology: take data from one place, insert it in another. And believe me, our application analysts would love it if it was that simple!

OmniFill – Over 30,000 tags and counting!

Underlying our OmniFill technology are the over 30,000 unique tags that have been created to cover virtually every question or scenario that could be asked in a regulatory licensing application –  whether that’s for a key person, business entity, or any staff member (or product) that needs to be licensed or certified via an application process. 

So every licensing application that is required by our clients is analyzed by our team to identify the appropriate tags to be embedded for every question or section of the application. A special master PDF file of the application is created, with links from the OneComply data repository to the appropriately tagged question or section of the PDF file.

A flexible tagging taxonomy to handle “fringe case

Tags are structured in OmniFill using a hierarchical taxonomy that provides a number of different options for the analyst in terms of selecting the correct tag to meet the exact requirements of the specific application. In some cases, to meet a particular “fringe case”, a totally new tag will need to be created, and integrated into the taxonomy on the OneComply platform. 

On the other side of the equation, when a person is entering their information into OneComply, the information is also being automatically tagged using the OmniFill technology. However, because we already know the type, structure and format of the data entered, the tags used will correspond exactly to the tags in the application’s PDF file.

OmniFill’s data intelligence –  providing only what’s needed automatically

OmniFill not only provides the tagging hierarchy and transfer mechanism from the data repository to the PDF application, but also includes a high level of data intelligence to provide only the information required for an application. 

For example, if a licensing application only requires passports of key persons issued in certain countries, over a certain amount of time (i.e. countries outside the U.S. within the past 5 years), OmniFill is able to analyze the data from all of the key persons in the repository, and automatically provide only those passports that meet that specific requirement. This intelligence extends across a number of different areas (i.e financial or legal information, etc.) and saves a considerable amount of time and the number of emails that might be required to ascertain the information.

Automated license application creation, data intelligence and much more

There’s much more to our innovative OmniFill technology, such as its ability to generate and append additional pages as required, scale fonts and “right size” data to match form parameters, localize and standardize currency and date fields… the list goes on and on. But we just wanted to touch on some of its key features, for you to get a better understanding of the power and capabilities of the technology that underlies OneComply.   

OneComply – changing the game for licensing and compliance management

OneComply centralizes, organizes and provides dashboards for all licensing and compliance data, including key persons, corporate entities and occupational/product licensing, enabling organizations to streamline and automate the application creation process and instantly track the status of all licenses and compliance issues for multiple business entities, license types and jurisdictions.

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