On-Demand Webinar: How Gaming Companies Use Whistleblower Reports to Stay Compliant

In this on-demand webinar, OneComply’s CEO Cameron Conn and WhistleBlower Security’s Rob Strulowitz provide some valuable insight into the strategies, technologies, and best practices used by gaming companies to ensure that whistleblower reports are handled efficiently and effectively.

Since a whistleblower report can be the first signal of a serious compliance issue, proper operational awareness, incident assignment and follow-up are critical, not only to a successful resolution, but to remaining on-side with regulators.

Click here to view this on-demand recording. https://info.whistleblowersecurity.com/hubfs/Webinar-July-6-2022-OneComply/How-Gaming-Companies-Use-Whistleblower-Reports-to-Stay-Compliant.mp4

Click here to view the comprehensive slide deck that accompanies this webinar. https://lnkd.in/gMxsjBFX