OneComply Brings Intelligence and Automation to Occupational Licensing and Certification

Just as OneComply has brought automation, intelligence and a single repository of data for key person and corporate entity licensing, it has also been designed to bring these same capabilities to the world of occupational licensing and certifications. 

OneComply can assist both your compliance/legal and HR team in capturing all of the information needed for overall licensing and compliance in one place, intelligently utilizing that data for more efficient creation of multiple applications, and providing workflow to ensure all licensing applications and certifications are being completed.

Although a lot of focus is placed on key persons and corporate entity licensing, since it’s critical in order to actually operate, occupational licensing needs to be treated as equally important and given the same level of oversight and priority. Plus it’s the area that can equally benefit from the use of purpose-build licensing and compliance management, monitoring and automation tools.

You might be licensed to operate, but without having fully licensed gaming and non-gaming staff, you’ll be sitting on the sidelines.

Whether bricks and mortar or online gaming – the same domino effect

On the bricks and mortar side, whether it’s a dealer or a food service worker, ensuring that all staff are up-to-date on their licensing and certification is critical. And having to take one person off the floor, because their license or certificate lapsed from a renewal that fell through the cracks, can have a rapid domino effect, significantly impacting overall operations.

On the online side, the same domino effect can happen when a customer service or technical support rep misses a critical occupational licensing application or renewal. And the problem can rapidly escalate if that person actually worked while their license or certificate had expired!

Working in multiple jurisdictions creates licensing challenges for online operators

The rapid growth of online gaming has also created another major challenge for operators: how to manage and track the licensing of their employees as they do business in multiple jurisdictions. The onus is placed firmly on the online operator to ensure their staff are properly licensed in each jurisdiction they are working. Leaving it up to the employee to manage their own licensing and certifications, with different forms, data requirements and renewal periods, exposes the operator to significant compliance risks. 

Serious consequences when licensing falls through the cracks 

The need to self-report a license violation to the regulatory agency has consequences beyond just the time and expense to file the report, it also impacts business operations. Losing even a single employee could mean you are not opening up a gaming pit, losing coverage from a cocktail server, or increasing wait times for customer service – all because a fairly simple occupational license or certification application had fallen through the cracks. 

HR needs purpose built, advanced tools to manage occupational licensing and certification

Often occupational licensing falls into the responsibility of a company’s HR department, whereas key person or entity licensing is handled by the compliance and/or legal team. This places a huge burden on the HR department to ensure that all gaming and non-gaming staff are up-to-date on their licensing and certification requirements.

In the same way that key person and entity licensing applications have been mainly managed through the use of spreadsheets, Word documents, email, and file repositories like DropBox, so too does the HR department rely on manual processes, or ill-equipped HRIS systems, to manage occupational licenses in their organization.

Don’t let your legal and compliance team be the only ones to benefit from the efficiency, tracking and reporting that OneComply brings to an organization.

With OneComply’s License Control capabilities, you can track all your employees’ licensing and certifications, in one secure portal. And you won’t let one slip through the cracks because OneComply provides automatic email notifications, with increasing urgency, when an employee’s license or certification is coming up for renewal. 

OneComply also provides audit reporting for regulatory compliance reviews and tracks all communication between relevant parties. Responsibilities can be set for individuals or groups, so everyone knows their status and who’s responsible for completing the tasks. OneComply can also integrate directly with regulatory databases and HR systems.

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