OneComply Revolutionizes Information Requests from Regulators and Investigators

Virtually every time a company submits a key person or business application for a state gaming license, they’ll receive a request back from the regulator or investigator to provide more information to support the application.

This normally requires the licensing staff to manually (and often frantically) begin the process of finding (or asking for) all the requested information, copying the files, organizing them into folders, and then uploading all the information to a file sharing site like Dropbox. Then they go through the process to provide access to the file sharing site for the respective regulator or investigator.

With our new file sharing capabilities, OneComply has revolutionized how gaming companies respond to information requests from regulators or investigators.

Sharing files already stored in the OneComply Document Repository

Since most, if not all, of the information being requested by a regulator or investigator is already securely stored in OneComply as part of the personal or business disclosure process, moving that information to another file sharing service such as DropBox creates both an unnecessary duplication of files and an additional security risk for the data. 

Our innovative file sharing functionality provides a fast, simple and secure way for our clients to share files with investigators, regulators and other external collaborators.

OneComply Document Repository – All folders are now shareable

All documents that have been uploaded to OneComply during the disclosure process are automatically stored inside your Document Repository and now, all these files are shareable. Remember, these are the same files that the regulator or investigator will be requesting as part of their process. Plus, all the files are already organized using a simple folder structure that enables you to quickly and easily find any requested information.

New folders can also be created within the Document Repository. In the case of a regulatory or investigator request for information, a new folder can be created within your Document Repository, where all the required files can be copied, while retaining the existing folder structure and file names. 

In some cases, there may be files outside of OneComply that need to be shared with a regulator or investigator.

The good news is that any required files that reside outside of the Document Repository, can be easily added to the new folder inside the Document Repository. This not only simplifies the process but also ensures that all the requested files are stored in one central location. If you’re copying an entire folder, all subfolders will also be copied.

How do I share this folder with external individuals?

This new folder with all the requested files can now be securely shared with any person requesting the information. 

Once all the requested files have been moved into the new folder, just select the folder and then click the Share icon, where you’ll be able to enter the email address of the person you wish to share the folder. 

This will automatically kick-off an email to the specified person with instructions on how to register for access to the specific folder on the OneComply portal. Or, you can simply copy the registration link and send it to the individual via your own email.

As part of the registration process, two-factor authentication is used to ensure the security of the shared information. The entire process used by OneComply is very similar to what is used for file sharing sites like DropBox or ShareFile, so it’s a familiar process for them.

Anyone given access to the folder will not be able to change, add or delete the files – ensuring data integrity. Also, access permission to the folder can be canceled at any time.

Why don’t I just use DropBox or ShareFile to share files?

We created the ability to share folders and files in OneComply as part of our product objective of offering clients a single secure platform where all data related to licensing and operational compliance is stored, organized, monitored and managed. 

Since the information being requested by an investigator or regulator is already in OneComply, moving that information to another file sharing service creates an unnecessary duplication of files and an unnecessary additional security risk for the data. 

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