OneComply Targets Bricks and Mortar Casinos for its Multi-Award Winning Compliance Management Platform

April 12, 2023 (Vancouver, BC) – In line with its 2023 product plan and client strategy, OneComply is targeting bricks and mortar casinos as the next market for its multi-award winning compliance management and licensing solution. OneComply is a purpose-built SaaS platform designed to bring 21st century intelligence, workflow automation, task management and compliance oversight to protect a gaming company or casino’s most valuable asset – their gaming license. 

Several casino properties in Nevada, California and Washington State have already deployed OneComply to support and improve their operational compliance automation and accountability. OneComply has achieved broad adoption within the iGaming and online sports betting industry and is leveraging this success along with the management team’s extensive experience in casino operations to deliver additional product functionality that addresses the unique requirements of the bricks and mortar market. 

“Virtually every employee or process in a casino has a compliance or licensing component that needs to be managed, tracked and continuously monitored,” says Cameron Conn, Co-founder and CEO of OneComply. “OneComply provides casinos with a solution specifically designed for the gaming industry that gives them real oversight and accountability for all their operational compliance. Casino compliance is detailed, in-depth, and time-sensitive and OneComply is the first-of-its-kind solution for driving continuous engagement throughout operational departments.”

“Until OneComply, there has been a lack of advanced technology to support a casino’s operational compliance and this is especially true for companies like ours that manages and provides oversight to several properties in our portfolio,” says Todd Abbott, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Compliance of Warner Gaming. “OneComply provides a unique platform that pulls together all our compliance and licensing data into one place, automates the tasks and workflows and provides a 360° view of everything that can impact our regulatory standing.”

Compliance for Casinos – How OneComply Helps

Before OneComply, casino compliance and licensing has been a largely manual and highly siloed process, relying on the use of spreadsheets, Word documents, emails and file sharing sites, along with responsibilities spread amongst various unconnected departments including legal, compliance, HR, operations and finance. 

These disparate technologies and siloed responsibilities made the compliance and licensing process extremely inefficient and worse, did not provide a unified view into the health of their license. 

OneComply centralizes data and provides a number of innovative features and capabilities to enable it to become the nerve center of a company’s overall compliance program, including:

Real-time Compliance Dashboards

  • Monitor the ongoing health and status of all gaming and occupational licenses and set alerts for deadlines and tasks

Automate Compliance Workflows and Tasks

  • Create, assign and track critical compliance tasks associated with activities such as tax reporting, SAR follow-ups, regulatory reporting and all internal/external compliance mandates

Integrate 3rd Party Compliance Tools and Systems

  • Integrate directly with HR or payroll systems to eliminate duplication and track changes that impact compliance, such as employee additions and terminations for regulatory reporting purposes

Active Calendar Monitoring

  • All tracked licenses, contracts or compliance tasks with an expiry date are automatically included in an active calendar, along with links to the actual license or task. 

Efficiently Manage Contracts 

  • Store all relevant contracts, highlight important contract details, and assign responsibilities for contract management or renewals. Include document files for better centralization and access.

Instantly Create Accurate Reports

  • Any of the tracked licensing information, whether for employees or businesses, can be used to generate accurate reports for compliance reviews.

About OneComply Inc.

OneComply is a compliance & licensing management platform that centralizes and streamlines all the data required to support and protect a company’s most valuable asset – their gaming license. With decades of experience in the highly regulated gaming industry, OneComply enables operators, vendors, suppliers and service providers to significantly improve the efficiency, security, and oversight of their critical compliance and licensing management processes. OneComply integrates several technologies – a secure data repository, workflow management, visual dashboards, and license application automation – into a single, purpose-built platform designed specifically for the gaming industry.

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