OneComply’s 360° Compliance Platform Integrates PrintScan Fingerprinting Service

July 21, 2022 (Vancouver, BC) – OneComply and PrintScan are pleased to announce they have completed their integration that enables OneComply clients to request PrintScan fingerprints directly from their OneComply portal, as part of completing their personal or business disclosure process. The integration also provides the ability to track the status of the fingerprint request and automatically notify the client via OneComply when the request has been fulfilled. The fingerprints can then be easily printed and included as part of the regulatory licensing application package provided to state regulators. 

The integration of PrintScan into OneComply solves a considerable pain point in the gaming licensing process, as virtually all license applications require the submission of certified fingerprints for their key persons from an authorized service. By integrating the PrintScan service, OneComply clients are able to better automate and streamline the process of regulatory license application creation and submission. 

“Integrating with PrintScan will add tremendous value to our new and existing clients,” says Cameron Conn, CEO and co-founder of OneComply. “The ability to request fingerprint cards and track their status directly within OneComply provides our clients with another important tool to efficiently prepare regulatory submissions. Fingerprint cards are a necessary yet major pain point in the industry, and partnering with the PrintScan team provides an exciting solution for our customers.”

“Working with OneComply, we have integrated our technologies to simplify the management of biometric fingerprint requirements for compliance and license regulations, all built into the robust OneComply compliance platform,” comments Thomas Van Schuyler, CEO of PrintScan. “As the adoption of fingerprint-based background checks continues to grow, PrintScan has introduced VaultID where fingerprints are taken on our state-of-the-art Live Scan system once and archived for later use. Using FBI certified printers, PrintScan prints new completed fingerprint cards from our secure and trusted VaultID system, without having to disrupt the client with the cumbersome task of going and getting fingerprinted again.”

About PrintScan

PrintScan is a New York based biometric compliance and identity management solutions company, owned, and operated by active and retired Law Enforcement Officers. PrintScan’s powerful and unique combination of fingerprinting services and in-house technology coupled with our client-centric, customer facing collaborative approach, positions PrintScan to be a leader in the ever-evolving biometric industry.

About OneComply

OneComply is a compliance & licensing management platform that centralizes and streamlines all the data required to support and protect a company’s most valuable asset – their gaming license. With decades of experience in the highly regulated gaming industry, OneComply enables operators, vendors, suppliers and service providers to significantly improve the efficiency, security, and oversight of their critical compliance and licensing management processes. OneComply integrates several technologies – a secure data repository, workflow management, visual dashboards, and license application automation – into a single, purpose-built platform designed specifically for the gaming industry.

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