Ontario Is North America’s Second Largest iGaming Market, Are You Ready?

Ontario’s April launch of open and regulated online gaming and sports betting is creating a massive amount of excitement and interest. With 14.5M people, Ontario will soon be the second largest market in North America after New York State, so the competition will be fierce!

Up to 30 online operators are expected, along with associated suppliers, vendors and affiliate marketers – making licensing and compliance hugely important. All eyes will be on Ontario regulators for how they oversee and manage the commercial market, as more provinces look to offer a similar model in the months and years to come.

If you’re getting ready to tackle Ontario, we’re here to help!

OneComply is already helping our clients with their online applications for Ontario through the use of our centralized data repository and data exporting capabilities – significantly streamlining and improving the application process while saving hundreds of hours and countless emails!

And through our consolidated dashboard and overviews, they’re able to continuously monitor the health of their entity, key persons and occupational licenses.

So, if you’re thinking about entering Ontario or any other regulated gaming, IGaming or sports betting market, we can help.

To learn more, schedule a demo or contact us at info@onecomply.com.