SBC Americas Feature Article – OneComply: One platform for 360° compliance management

The article text below was published by SBC Americas on March 16, 2002.

OneComply: One platform for 360° compliance management

By Erin-Marie Gallagher, March 16, 2022

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In the past, licensing and compliance has been “a largely manual and highly siloed process”, but according to Cameron Conn, the OneComply platform can provide a 360° view so that nothing falls between the cracks.

The OneComply CEO began by sharing some insights on his background in the gaming industry, before explaining more about the automation capabilities for gaming license application creation available via the OneComply platform.

SBCA: Can you tell me about what made you start OneComply?

CC: Being the third generation of a gaming family and personally licensed in multiple jurisdictions, I’ve experienced firsthand the complexity and pain of licensing and compliance my entire professional life. And I knew that licensing and compliance was really the only area of gaming that hadn’t benefited from a purpose-built SaaS platform. 

One platform that brings everything together along with the automation and intelligence to help gaming companies protect their most valuable asset – their gaming license. So we built it.     

SBCA: You’re positioning OneComply as “One Platform for 360° Compliance Management”, can you tell me more about the one platform approach?

CC: For a gaming company – whether an operator, supplier, vendor or service provider – licensing and compliance has been a largely manual and highly siloed process, relying on the use of spreadsheets, Word documents, emails and file sharing sites, along with responsibilities spread amongst various unconnected departments including legal, compliance, HR, operations and finance. 

These disparate technologies and siloed responsibilities made the licensing and compliance process extremely inefficient and worse, did not permit a unified view into the health of a gaming company’s license. 

So with OneComply, we’re taking a 360° approach to compliance and licensing management.  We’ve integrated several technologies – a secure data repository, workflow management, visual dashboards, and license application automation – into a single purpose-built platform designed specifically for the gaming industry. 

Also since it’s SaaS platform, we’ve priced it so that any company in the gaming ecosystem can afford it, from a 2 person affiliate marketing company to a 5000 person casino.  

SBCA: 360° Compliance Management is a broad statement, can you go into some more detail on what you mean by this?

CC: We look at gaming compliance as a continuous cycle, going from the initial creation and submission of a gaming application, to tracking and assigning responsibilities for all the ongoing tasks related to the compliance inputs and issues that affect the health of that license. Whether it’s monitoring expiry dates for businesses, personnel licenses and sending reminder emails, to ensuring that any known regulatory issues are assigned responsibility, tracked and closed, so that things don’t fall through the cracks. 

Often when I see a big fine levied to a gaming company for a compliance infraction, I wonder at what point did the CEO of the company actually know there was a problem? And I’m pretty sure in many cases, they learned about it in the media, after the fact, because of the highly siloed nature of compliance. 

Our goal for OneComply is to be the platform that legal, compliance, HR and a gaming company’s executive team logs into every day to check on the health of their most important business asset – their gaming license. Simply stated, without a license, there is no business.

SBCA: OneComply also includes automation capabilities for gaming license application creation. How does that work?

CC: One of the great features of OneComply is the ability for our clients to use the information they have entered in their personal or business entity data repository to automatically and quickly generate a wide range of regulatory licensing applications, for different jurisdictions or for renewals.

Since about 95% of the data required between jurisdictions is the same or very similar, the ability to reuse data entered in OneComply’s repository saves our clients a huge amount of time, from generating that first application, to all the subsequent applications that are required in the future.

OmniFill is the name of our proprietary technology that intelligently transfers information from the OneComply data repository and automatically inserts it into the appropriate place in the specific application that is being created. In the most simple terms, OmniFill lets you take information that’s agnostic and make it specific.

It also brings a level of intelligence to the data as well. For example, if a licensing application only requires passports of key persons issued in certain countries, over a certain amount of time (i.e. countries outside the U.S. within the past 5 years), OmniFill is able to analyze the data from all of the key persons in the repository, and automatically provide only those passports that meet that specific requirement.

SBCA: As a centralized platform, are you looking to connect or integrate with other types of systems?

CC: The expansion of gaming has created a highly interrelated industry, where your license can be impacted by your partner’s or vendor’s non-compliance. Whether it’s key persons, licensed employees, the entity itself or the critical systems a company utilizes, they all have an ongoing compliance component that needs to be effectively managed and monitored with defined responsibilities and accountability.

So, we’re creating API integrations with other compliance tools. If there is a compliance issue that’s triggered in one system, it’ll show up and be flagged in OneComply. That could be a notification from a software vendor that an update needs to be installed or from other systems, like affiliate monitoring or whistle-blowers systems, with their alerts showing up in the OneComply dashboard.

With our API integrations, OneComply becomes the nerve center of a company’s compliance program, providing that 360° view so that nothing falls between the cracks.