Sharing Files With Regulators and Investigators Is Now Easier Than Ever!

Responding to requests for information from regulators or investigators will never be the same again with OneComply’s new file sharing capabilities!

Virtually every time a company submits a key person or business application for a state gaming license, they’ll receive a request back from the regulator or investigator to provide additional information to support the application.

Until now, this required the licensing staff to manually (and often frantically) begin the process of finding (or asking for) all the requested information, copying the files, organizing them into folders, and then uploading all the information to a file sharing site like Dropbox. Then go through the process to provide access to the site for the respective regulator or investigator.

Not anymore!

Since most, if not all, of the information being requested by a regulator or investigator is already stored inside our client’s OneComply Document Repository, as part of their personal or business disclosure process, the job of organizing and sharing the information from within OneComply is simple, fast and highly secure! 

Our clients just create a new folder inside their Document Repository, copy the files already residing in OneComply (while retaining their existing folder structure) and then securely share the folder with the regulator/investigator. As easy as 1-2-3!

Check out our solutions page to learn more about our new file sharing capabilities and how it’s changing the game for regulator and investigator information requests: 

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