Wager.com features OneComply in their Start-up Focus

Thanks to Scott Longley and Jake Pollard at Wagers.com for their article on OneComply. Check out the full article. 

Reprinted on May 2, 2022 from Wagers.com

Startup focus – OneComply

Who, what, where and when: Co-founded by CEO Cameron Conn, a third-generation gaming industry executive in September 2019, the automated compliance business has offices in Vancouver and Las Vegas.

Funding backgrounder: The business has recently completed its Seed financing round, led by Warner Investments with participation from gaming industry experts including Katie Lever, Benjie Cherniak and Quinton Singleton.

So what’s new? OneComply is enhancing its functionality for licensing management, to provide oversight and automation for a company’s occupational licensing and certifications, plus any technical/product licensing required to operate their business.

The longer pitch: “The expansion of gaming and sports betting has created a highly interrelated industry, where your license can be impacted by your partner’s or vendor’s non-compliance,” says Conn. “Whether it’s key persons, licensed employees, the entity itself or the critical systems and platforms a company utilizes, they all have an ongoing compliance component that needs to be effectively managed and monitored.”

  • OneComply has created a centralized portal to tie these pieces together, giving customers a way to manage all their licensing and operational compliance.
  • Until very recently, licensing and operational compliance has been a largely manual and highly-siloed process with responsibilities spread amongst various departments including legal, compliance, HR, operations and finance.
  • OneComply is a scalable SaaS model that provides clients with a centralized data portal, automated workflows and visual dashboards.

Cameron Conn: “The ultimate goal of this strategy is to enable all gaming companies to raise their compliance capabilities and standards and subsequently, raise the benchmark for compliance throughout the entire industry.”